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    QDF -Induction heating series resonant (SCR/IGBT) water cooled DC filter (DZMJ/DKMJS) capacitor

    Applicable scope and functions: for AC input voltage 400-1150V, intermediate DC voltage < 2.5KV, 0.25-30KHz, SCR/IGBT induction heating series resonant power supply, bypass series resonant large current and DC voltage support in DC bus section.

    Product Features:

    • Special autoclaved metalized film, can withstand high du/dt,di/dt
    • Double water-cooling, improving large current capacity
    • Single water cooling/grouping (multi-terminals) design can be customized
    • Cooling water needs to be pure water, and outlet temperature<40 ℃
    Conditions of use / technical parameters / Product standard:

    Product Specification: